Believe in your abilities

I Am A Believer In My Abilities Affirmation

Before I have you read and memorize “I Am A Believer in My Abilities Affirmation”, have you ever heard of “I am” affirmations? “I am” affirmations are “I am” statements that we repeat to ourselves to help us feel better about our lives. Your mind needs growth. Repeating “I am” affirmations are a great way for people who have fears, doughts, anxiety, or any other negative emotions to work through them and be able to enjoy and accomplish more.

Do you believe in yourself? Do you think your skills are up to par for the tasks at hand?

If not, then it’s time to reprogram your brain.

People who have a positive attitude and strong self-esteem tend to perform better than those who don’t. It’s that simple. How do we go about changing our beliefs about ourselves to get what we want out of life? Use this “I am” affirmation to program belief in your abilities.

My goals are attainable because I am a believer in my abilities.

I am confident in my skills and talents. Without a doubt, they help me hit every target I set for myself. At times, I surprise myself with the talents I can demonstrate.

In difficult situations, I remind myself that I can overcome any challenge because I am an intelligent, quick-witted individual. I endeavor to find alternatives if a particular approach results in anything other than the desired outcome.

At work, I know I am competent enough to complete the tasks assigned to me. So I tackle each day’s goals with gusto.

At home, I make exciting plans for my family’s future because I am confident in my ability to carry them out.

I set reachable financial goals for myself and ensure they are met. There are always ways to be smarter with my money, so I find those ways and make them work for me. I can save each month consistently because I manage my money wisely. Today, I believe that the things I set my mind on are already mine because of my unwavering confidence in my abilities. I pursue every goal until I attain it.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. If I would encourage a child to set and attain goals, then why not me?

2. Do I sometimes get nervous because I am unsure of my ability to hit a target?

3. Am I discouraged when I am unable to attain a goal in the desired timeframe?

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